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When flying Monday to Friday, the CANP system is used to notify military pilots where you're going to be. Additionally, it links through and puts a NOTAM on the activated flying site. All well and good, but CANP is not being used enough at the moment. An organisation called the Low Flying Booking Cell (LFBC) adminsitrates this scheme.

There are two blockers to this. The first is the belief that CANP or NOTAMing a site will attract military and GA pilots to come to have a look what's going on. I can't change this belief except to say that it just isn't the case, there's no evidence for it. There is evidence for near misses at sites that haven't had a notification put on them though.

The second reason is that it can take ten or so minutes to phone in or email in a CANP. Save a link to this form on your phone browser and the whole thing can be done in less than a minute.

Now, go put the kettle on and check RASP with the time you saved. Also, pat yourself on the back; you did the right thing.

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